WhatsApp block: Chat App to block these phones soon

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WHATSAPP has been warning users for some time that they will face a block in 2019… and the all-important date when things come to an end is almost upon us. Here are the phone models that will be ditched by the hugely-successful chat app in a few weeks.

Some WhatsApp fans could face a major issue later this month when a new block comes into force. The chat app has been warning users with older phones for a little while that they will need to upgrade their handset to continue using the service. And now that date is just a few weeks away.

WhatsApp has confirmed on its support page that anyone with a Windows Phone will lose access from December 31, 2019. And that’s not all.

The deadline for aging Windows smartphone will be followed by blocks for iPhones running anything older than iOS 7 and Android devices with versions 2.3.7 installed. This iPhone and Android block will come into force from February 1, 2020.

If you love WhatsApp and have any of the phones mentioned – or haven’t updated your operating system in a few years, you’ll need to head to a shop to get an upgrade to something a little more recent.