How to download 2020 Form One Admission Letters


The procedure highlighted below is for downloading 2020 admission letters for the 2019 KCPE candidates

Step 1: Go to the Ministry of Education Website Via the Link provided Below.

Once you have received a notification indicating the school in which the candidate has been admitted to, the visit the Ministry of education here to start downloading the letter.

Step 2: Select School Level

In this section, there are 3 levels of schools, i.e National Schools, Extra county and County schools. Click on the appropriate one that your candidate has been selected in.

Step 3: Select School Location And index Number.

In this page you will select the county and sub-county in which the school belong and finally enter the candidate’s KCPE index number.

Step 4: Download the Candidate’s Calling letter.

Here the system will display the candidate’s admission letters and you will be required to download the letter and use it when the student is joining school.

The summary given below is a preview of the procedure highlighted above.