Turn up for Intern interviews very Low.


TSC intern  interviews for bgm schools  has been on going in various selected centers.
The interviews have been characterised with low turn out .
Some schools have even missed those to be interviewed .
Other cases graduands of last year and this year are the ones that turned up.

Its shocking in country with the highest unemployment rate to experience low interview turnout.
Something is wrong somewhere.

I was in attendance in one center as a panelist.
After the TSC subcounty addressed the applicants a dozen of them just left.

THE DIRECTOR’S Highlighted the following.
1) Interns are to earn 15k for sec schools. And 10 k for pri schools.
2) They are to work for one year and incase of replacement vacancies they shall not participate.
3) Any other TSC vacancies in the course of the year  contracted interns shall not be elligible.
4) The money they shall earn shall be subject to tax. NHIF . NSSF
Insurance cover and HELB  loan  deductions.
Compared to Boms where some get above 20 k NET untaxable  many of them saw this as a raw deal.

On permanent employment ” the director told them that it will not be automatic but in future TSC interns will be awarded more marks.

It Was for these reasons many of them left despite many having applied in dozens. Each school had a TSC short  list of over 20 applications.

Many who had benchmarked with PSC where interns get 25 k
the TSC was just unattractive.

3 thoughts on “Turn up for Intern interviews very Low.

  1. teaching is a volunteer job. Let them attend the interviews. I tried that application but it didn’t go through. Teaching is like a call not how much you are paid

  2. Time is coming when teachers will be paid good money. Let those who applied to attend the interviews because they had that information concerning payment and the rest. I wish my application had gone through, I would have attended the interview

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